Wednesday, May 18, 2022



Mainly I keep this apple tree
to enjoy the delight of its 'petal-mettle'💗

Sometimes I like to linger where
Whisper of blossoms tease the air
To lie beneath its sigh and drink
The lullaby of petal pink

To marvel at the loyal flow
Of nature’s royal color-show
Cupped in each bud and seed until
God’s tug unfolds its miracle

Sometimes the pen is not equipped
To spell the swell of looms, pink-tipped
The lyrics of first bloom, breeze-stirred
Eloquent without woo of word

I sense, where blossoms gleam and nod
Love letters, handwritten by God
Where soon its flower-ink will be
Showers of petal confetti

Sometimes I sing and leap and laugh
At the joy of God’s autograph
For earth and its fulness thereof
Runs rife with signatures of love

© Janet Martin

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