Thursday, May 19, 2022

May Day

These are the days that disappear into thin air in what feels like no time at all!
A glimpse at today's sparkle of bliss...

This morning's air was a bit cool and drizzle-dazzled. 
This afternoon the sun's warmth and 'bright, blue skies' returned in fine friendliness
immediately making me feel very busy and a bit behind!
Worked in the garden until it was too dark to see...(no pics)😐

this morning every bloom was frosted with diamonds!

New Grandson's first visit to Grandma's house...
Happy 1 week old!
He has a very keen and cute admirer!

Pumpkin-Raisin muffin snack...

Picked a pot o' posies...

These are the days winter-dreams are made of
Green grass beneath and bright blue sky above
Afternoon air flares with happiest joys/noise
Birdsong and chat of carefree girls and boys
Flowers flaunt glitter of raindrop rhinestones
Bowers a-twitter with myriad tones
Apple tree blushes, blossom-ecstasy
Lilacs burst into a star-symphony
Gardens are playgrounds for dreams and bare feet
Duty is sacred and labour is sweet
Hope is a river that runs through the heart
Each day of May like a work of fine art
Nature's inheritance humbles the meek
These are the days of God's kiss on earth's cheek 

© Janet Martin

Female rose-breasted Grosbeak (identified by my Birder-friends on FB)

This male caught my eye (it's okay. it's a bird) 😅😉
because its back-feathers seemed more variegated than some
Turns out its cause he's young!😇


  1. I love this rght from the opening line to the end - and beautiful photos too - touches the heart!

    1. thank-you<3 May's offerings of beauty and busyness are tugging its precious days out from under my feet waaaay too fast!!


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