Tuesday, November 30, 2021

I Hope It Is (about this Poem-Porch)

Some would likely call this poem blog/porch a prolific contribution to the plethora of
verbose vomit we have available these days with the click of a button!
I'm inclined to believe for every 'garbage verbiage' 
there is a 'good and healthy option' too!
So much I would love to  read and time does not allow!
We have to pick and choose a few from the millions of options!
So, thank-you to everyone who takes a few moments 
to drop by this poem-porch!
I hope it is never a waste of your precious time!
...and if you don't drop by, well, you won't see this but I understand! 
We all have only so many hours in a day
and poetry/rhyme is not everyone's 'cup of tea'. 😊 

I sure hope it is more than verbose vomit!
I hope it is ...

An arm around a shoulder
A hug to the heart.
High-fives to growing older
A poetic 'restart'
A joyful celebration
For hope anchored in
The God of salvation
Who forgives our sin

I hope it is...
A place where our fingers
Their pointing will cease
Where love's Presence lingers
In comforting peace
Where doubt's dark clouds dwindle
And faith is renewed
A place to rekindle
Meek gratitude

I hope it is...
A welcome home feeling
Poetic sweet tea
An invisible gathering
Of extended family 
I hope when you visit
This small porch will bless
Your day with God's kisses
And love's happiness

From Janet
by God's grace
for His glory
with love💖


  1. So many folks love and appreciate your blog/porch, Janet.

    Big Hug!

  2. Dear Sasha, A big hug right back! thank-you so much for your faithful supportive voice through the years! One reason I wish I could publish a book is so I could dedicate it to you <3

    1. Janet, I'm very flattered, but please tell me you're not serious about the dedication :) All I want is a signed copy!
      I do hope you publish a book some day.


Thank-you for stopping by my porch! I hope you were blessed!