Wednesday, March 20, 2019

March Gardens

 "Oh my, Mom!" exclaimed my eldest daughter yesterday as I showed her my 'empty canvas'
(thanks to water troubles that began our new year!)
" I have to say a lot of words come to my mind before 'empty canvas' 
but if that's what you see then, great!"
( I use 'water-troubles' carefully because right now 
our hearts/prayers are with those in flooded Nebraska!)

 Don't you just LOVE March gardens? 
They bloom perfectly from books spread on tables and
in dream-lands without dirt!

From the forge of ice and snow
Gorgeous dreams of flowers flow
Gushing like a rainbow brook
Through thought’s every nook and crook

Time has tamed the wilding gale
Coaxed warm raindrop from its wail
Hope unfolds, gold-violet-vined
In grand gardens of the mind

Fantasy finds Brigadoon
Perfect blue-green afternoon
Hillside almost-heaven splays
Apple-blossomed milky ways

Happiness sings like a lark
Spring and morning meet its mark
Laughter is a daffodil
Where winter has lost its will

© Janet Martin


  1. I like your optimistic vision! I just know you'll have something amazing growing there in no time. Such a nice sunny spot, and yes could certainly be something much worse!

    1. It won't be 'in no time' and I'm not getting any real ideas yet so we'll see. (Victoria wants lavender so I'll try to find some that will thrive there, and then build around the lavender...dark burgundy foliage, yellows and whites, a splash of red:)) thanks for the vote of confidence though and please pass along any suggestions. If all else fails, there's grass seed:)

  2. No March gardens around here just yet -- we're melting but there's lots of snow to go. It was so gorgeous out today -- made me so glad to be alive. Your photos add to that anticipation of the colourful days we can expect from our gardens in a few weeks/months.

    I was homesick for you today. As I was out for my walk, I got to thinking of you and your lovely photos and poetry.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Janet!
    Brenda xox

    1. yeah, we just have dream-gardens here too:) A LOT of snow has melted here in the last 2 days though! Now the temps nose-dive a little. Today was the first day I didn't have a fire since the end of October! I have not let it go out at all and am about to go and start it tonight because if the stove gets too cold we get a down-draft and I hate that. We have more wintery weather coming for a few days...
      Aw! thank-you for missing me. That feels really ...nice!!

      hugs! after my fire is crackling I'll have a tea and think of thee, a fellow-tea-lover!
      and we'll dream happy garden dreams!

  3. BTW, Can you tell me if my blog which I've done nothing on will disappear after March.. or just the google account. ? I'd be sad to lose my blog as it's a scrap book / journal of sorts and I would like to preserve it.. Thank you.

    1. I think just google+ is ending so if you have anything stored there simply save it to another folder, If your blog goes so will mine! Never thought of it that they could?! that would be a bummer:) I have all the poems and photos saved elsewhere but all the extra comments that make this a bit of a journal would be lost! (try switching your blog back to blogger, not google+. there is a spot in settings to do that. Call me if you can't find it! Definitely you want to keep it!)

    2. That was helpful. Thanks. I changed to the blogger profile.. Hopefully that's it and all will be well. It's strange how that lil space is like a piece of my heart that I want to keep, because it speaks about where I was at that time and place and evokes memories..


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