Monday, March 11, 2019

Then, When This Season Too Has Passed...

 Is there any place you would love to see that isn't too far away?
 I asked Victoria on Saturday as we tried to think of a way to make her 18th birthday memorable.
So, being a bit of a history buff she decided on
the Civic Museum (in the building that used to be a convent) 

 What a structure!!!
and Janus Books (a buy-and-sell bookstore) where we each bought a book 
as a memento of the day...

Then, when this season too has passed
Gathered its best and worst
And pressed it into pictures cast
With tinctures blessed and cursed
The best that we can strive for, dear
Where Time swings soundless gates
Is to embrace right now, right here
Before it dissipates

Those plans we prize with wayward eyes
Though dreams can kindle joy
Ought not to rob us of glad sighs
That Here and Now employ
For what may seem quite commonplace
As far as moments go
Soon whets the salt-star on the face
When tender echoes flow

To games and tricks that thought can play
We ought to be on guard
Today is always eager prey
For morrow’s s mystic bard
And who knows what its beggar brings
To keen a humble prayer
Before the whisper of it clings
To fragments of thin air

…then, when this season too has passed
Like all seasons before
To join the everlasting cast
Of what will be no more
The best that we can hope to keep
Of intangible gold
Is what we make with days that sweep
In moments through our hold

© Janet Martin

 Another thing that made this day memorable was a newly-tried Orange Layer Cake 

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