Friday, March 22, 2019

Of Heart-parts and Footfalls

 Celebrated three birthdays yesterday; 
Always a reminder of Time's precious,swift gift!

No time like the present to make the most of It!

My, the heart can throb with wonder
My the heart can ache with care
My, how it can quake and thunder
As we press it into prayer

My, time’s force of doors is subtle
My, the course of life is brief
Bitty baby kiss and cuddle
Before love’s incumbent grief

My, the matrix of Mere Moment
Steals our breath with death’s approach
Soft its seasons seal and augment
Present where Unknowns encroach

My, the mold that holds soul’s Bearing
Shaping names and frames we hug
Always keeps the heart preparing
For love’s next confounding tug

My, the Time we have is precious
Mortal with Immortal shod
Where the quick of tick-tock ushers
Every footfall back to God

© Janet Martin

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