Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Soon Simply Memories...

Simply Memories...
some we savour and try to slow down 
and some we shoo away with a mop and broom as fast as we can!

What a start to the year! 
We celebrated with a flood of family and friends...and water!
 It was a most memorable New Year's Eve indeed!
Monday night's downpour turned what started as a relaxed evening into a race against a river!
 What a nightmare!
... from approx. 2-3:30 a.m. was the worst;
after everyone left we realized the water that was rushing in through the floor drain was picking up speed, and gaining on the sump pump, and the lower part of the basement was going to overflow which meant the whole basement would be flooded so Jim and I lugged pails and pails and pails of water up the steps, pouring it out the window...
we felt like sailors trying to keep the ship afloat!
But it was worth the effort and finally the gush released some of the pressure and the pump is keeping up so far; yes, it is STILL running in.
Now we need to call Mr. Fix It to get to the 'root' of the problem!
...around midnight the men are trying to attach all the hoses 
we can find to take the water as far from the house as possible!
The red quilt was a bit of a dam to channel it into the lower basement to where the pump is.

Well, I can't wait til this whole 'event' is simply part of 'remember when?'

How soft and swift time’s daily gift
Of bend-and-lift unwinds
The color wheel that sets adrift
The pictures in our minds

How smooth and suave, morn’s pink and mauve
And high noon’s sun-lit bars
Slip, like a crimson disc far-off
Into a vault of stars

How tried and true time’s sky-wide blue
Grows dim and disappears
Always adding a new day to
One’s view of yester-years

How shadow-lined our frames of mind
Fill wall-less galleries
With pictures of days left behind
Simply called Memories

© Janet Martin


  1. What a way to ring the New Year in! We had a very rainy day over here as well, but thank goodness no water in the basement. Hope Mr. Fix It fixes the problem soon. Were you writing your poem while lugging pails of water up the steps? :)

    1. Mr. Fix-it has been here all day. It's a bit of a baffling situation. and haha,no, I was not writing the poem while lugging water but I started singing a song we sang with the kids in Sunday School the day before...-one step more, one step more, give me faith/strength for one step more, one step more, dear Jesus one step more, only one step more...(that was after we'd been going for over an hour) but hubby was NOT amused at my singing and I feared getting a pail of ice-water on my head so I stopped singing ;-0 Well, at least it's just 'stuff' not watching a loved one suffer! it can be fixed with enough time and money! thank-you for your kind thoughts!

    2. thank-you! I will;-) it's a great stress-reliever!

  2. oh, my goodness! And yet you still cranked out a reflective poem - amazing!

  3. So sorry to hear that your problems got bigger after we left! Was thinking and praying for you lots.. Let us know if there's any other way we can help. That was quite a work out to begin the year! Hopefully you can get to the root soon! Lucy~

    1. They are hopeful tomorrow will bring some answers! It took them a while today to just find somewhere to begin! Thank-you for your prayers. Much appreciated!

    2. as for the work-out...I had to chuckle a little while we were panting up and down those stairs. I told Jim if this was an actual work-out we'd be saying 'bring it on!' so let's just pretend it is! lol!


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