Wednesday, March 13, 2019


' Your house is a little like heaven, I think', said one of the girls to me yesterday
as we tromped across a sparkling-like-diamonds field for a little while-supper-cooks walk...
'always so many children!'

Children certainly have a way of making one take kinder notice of heaven-glimpses!

John 3:27
John replied, "A man can receive only what is given him from heaven.

Blessed beyond measure
With life’s simple pleasure
Of love’s lilting laughter, hugs, kisses and such
Where joy in wee faces
Of life’s smallest ‘graces’
Reminds us to embrace what soon slips from touch

Blessed beyond reason
With season on season
Where time’s ether eons skim over earth’s halls
To tune (for a little)
The leaf that turns brittle
As nature’s green fiddle flares auburn then falls

Blessed beyond telling
Where whispers are felling
Time’s fervor soft-swelling the bud with full-bloom
Before we are startled
By the silver sparkle
That crushes the ardor that brushes the tomb

© Janet Martin 

For this little fellow sometimes frustration trumps fun
because when this chubby-cheeked cherub falls it is almost more
than his mite-y might can muster 
to hoist his snow-suit bundled body back to the upright position. 
...most often he resorts to a loud wail til Grandma comes to the rescue!

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