Sunday, March 17, 2019

For All Those Things That Never Change...from a mom

'Because' I replied, dissatisfied with the vague answer when asked how Youth spent an evening/well into the night "because 'just hanging out' can cover a multitude of possibilities!"
(I well recall that answer:)
"Oh, so you don't trust us?" was the instant challenge to which 'old mother' replied,
"all my trust in the world won't keep you/th from temptation
and if you are a healthy red-blooded youth, you will be tempted
because THAT is one thing that does not change in spite of everything that does
which is why mothers pray for their sons/daughters...

They have no idea (yet) how many prayers follow, cover and carry...

Compensation comes in measures Youth cannot yet realize
Some things never change in spite of what plain sight just might surmise
Mother has a reason for the seasoned views that she maintains
…she was young like you once too with hunger coursing through her veins

We who seem quite antiquated to the up and coming clan
Wear suspicious second looks because of ways common to man
Where no matter how the tides may turn or what they might estrange
As the years goes by they too will learn how some things never change

She will always worry/pray not just because that’s what moms do
But because she knows the way a foot can twist inside a shoe
And for all the words invented to assuage and dismiss doubt
It is possible to tuck worlds between words that are left out

There will always be temptation (but never without escape)
Best intentions are worth nothing without deeds that give them shape
Idle hands are easy subjects for the devil to employ
Secret guilt is like a lesion that robs life of peace and joy

When your brow, still smooth a satin wears a crown with hints of snow
And the dust that young heels kicked up feels like just a wink ago
In some yonder sudden moment in time’s tender youth forsook
You will understand the reason for your mother’s searching look

© Janet Martin

Moms have been praying for ages!
 Are you a praying mother?
The world needs them now more than ever!

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