Tuesday, March 26, 2019


 Ah, comforting sorrow for always tomorrow 
begins what is ending and ends what begins...

Momentous mementos
In sock-footed tempos
Pray, where does the day go
Nay, where go the years
While love learns to savor
The essence and flavor
Of Present’s kind favor
That soft disappears

Ah, momentous kindling
Of moment-pence dwindling
Where pay-off is mingling
With love’s daily loss
Ah, swift and sound spending
Of round and round vending
With dusk soon upending
Blue towers of dross

Momentous abandon
Like notes of a canon
Ah, breath-stealing ocean
Of laughter and tears
Soft-folding the bower
Soft-holding the flower
Soft-molding the hour
That soft-disappears

Momentous mementos 
A mayhem of rainbows
A love-song of echoes
Darling, draw me near
For here in the molding 
The hard part of holding
Is softly unfolding
What will disappear

© Janet Martin

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