Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We Reach

To pick a flower we must reach...

We reach; thought speaks the heart
The heart cups oceans, love
The oceans of Want, wish and need
Breeds our reaching-glove

Morning; it offers More
Where yesterday took flight
We reach twixt After and Before
To drink day’s dying light

Darling, a beggar begs
A dreamer dreams and dreams
A poet dreams and begs, then dregs
The reaches of thought-streams

Will Will and Want subside
Before we close our eyes
Unchained from reach of learn and teach
And life-breath reaching sighs?

Nay, nay, for then pray, pray
What would the dreamer do?
A beggar begs for more than bread
We reach from old to New

…and thereby we grow old
The fount of living red
With mercy; we beseech and reach
God breaks our daily bread

© Janet Martin

God has laid our More on morning’s platter. We reach for more than bread…

I reached to pull back the covers, reached for a light, clothes, cupboard door, coffee mug, the bread for school-lunches…methinks life is a sequence of reaching…

In order to take, we first must reach.
We cannot reach into nothing for,
 ...wherever we reach, God is.

In the Sunday School class I teach we learned about the Fall of Man on Sunday...we talked about what we thought Eden must have been like. Food was free for the taking; a platter of perfection and all Adam and Eve needed was within reach! But they decided, after being deceived that the One Thing they wanted was the thing God told them 'Thou shalt not'. they reached that fateful reach, and ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; perfection was no more. Sin had entered the world through disobedience...as we read the verses where God punishes the Serpent, Adam and Eve,
one student remarked, 'Wow! Eve (or woman) sure got off a lot easier than Adam (or man)
Adam/men have to work and sweat every day but Eve/women just have to do their suffering once in a while...;))


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