Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer's Afterglow

How readily a season shapes
The pastures of the dead
Our eyes devour landscapes now
Like beggars seizing bread

September green is fair as June
Save for the ling’ring gaze
Where farewell tunes the Brigadoon
That set our hearts ablaze

And to a crypt soft-petal-lipped
Where summer slipped and fell
The pumpkin-flavored flowers drip
To fence-row, heath and dell

The stream that snakes through cattail brakes
To yonder ponds and seas
Gleams like a seamless sash on lakes
Of bronze frond melodies

Time’s building-blocks are lithe, like flocks
Of feather-citadels
Its touchdown locks and forms the rocks
Where soon the future dwells

A diadem of garnet gem
Graces September’s brow
Where now our sighs ravish the hem
Of summer’s afterglow

 © Janet Martin


  1. Beautifully written. The colours are spectacular this weekend. God's artistry at work. Have a blessed week Janet.

  2. Thank-you Pamela for your visit and thoughts! Yes, God's handiwork is exceptionally spectacular this year!!


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