Monday, September 15, 2014

Mastering Ongoing Art

 Marriage quotes  

Love’s culmination of differences
Must learn to co-exist
Its Mr.’s and its Mrs.’s
Experiments of risk

Back when we knew it all; naïve
To all we didn’t know
It was so easy to believe
In what we thought was so

But Time rolls out its welcome mat
Where love cannot pretend
So love becomes an acrobat
Learning to stretch and bend

And love becomes forgetful
For how else can it usurp
With heavy heart and head full
Of its insult and its hurt?

Back on youth’s dream-paved Easy streets
Answers exceeded years
Before we bore selfish defeats
And wore a lover’s tears

Before we understood that we
Will never understand
Each other quite as perfectly
As once, perhaps, we planned

…so love culminates differences
And learns to co-exist
Its Mr.’s and its Mrs.’s
Willing to take its risk

© Janet Martin

Marriage is a step-by-step fulfilling of vows resulting in years of anniversaries.
No one ever stayed married because it was easy.
Love makes possible the impossible.
Happy is he/she who learns to love...

The man over my shoulder (cropped for his privacy-sake)...

... was celebrating his 75th anniversary. He told us they announced it at church and everyone clapped for them! Not realizing the priest's mic was on he said to him, well, I guess I'm in it too deep to get out! of course, everyone laughed and clapped again:) His wife told us they still love to dance!


  1. Today's our second - Church - wedding's 10th anniversary! 16th anniversary of the first wedding coming up on Halloween...don't ask :-) Perfect timing! Thank you, Janet.

  2. :) Ièm glad...and scratching my head a little as i mull you

    (what did I hit if every apostrophe is an e like thisÉ! èèèè my key board is hexed right now! this is my question mark ÉÉÉ!)

    Sasha, your comment reminds me of an elderly man we met at a restaurant. He told us that he and his wife are celebrating their anniversary. We congratulated him and asked, how many, he replied 10 days, waited for our baffled, surprised looks and continued, plus two days(more surprised looks) plus sixty years, then he laughed and said remember, every day is an anniversary!

  3. I know, it's confusing :-) We had a civil wedding in Moscow, a year after our first date which happened to fall on Halloween (you can imagine what our 1st wedding's anniversaries are like each year - crazy); then we got married in church - today's the 10th anniversary of that, second, wedding :-)

    My computer has a mind of his own, too sometimes!

    Love the story of the old couple. A wise man.

  4. love it:) Congratulations, and let me know when you publish your memoir, okay?I want to buy a copy, please? (oh, look! my question mark works again!)


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