Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Of Gifts and Givers...

 Working at some canning this evening, listening to the rain and thinking...
Imagine receiving a gift, turning it over in your hands, marveling and exclaiming at its loveliness but never turning to acknowledge or thank the giver. Imagine if we gave a gift and the recipient dashed off after snatching it out of our hands without a backward glance or smile or thank-you…

He fills the dawn with daylight
He fills the night with rest
He fills the seed with what we need
Before we make request

He refills while we empty
He spills; we take and eat
He wills; and we go forth, He fills
The hills with meadow-sweet   

He tilts the fount of blessing
To shower us with grace
We drink and often never think
About a Giver’s face

He opens wide His storehouse
And fills the earth with plants
Fruit tumbles to our humble reach
In spite of ignorance

How gross our utter wanting
How base our needy ways
To take yet never bow our heads
Or lift to God our praise

© Janet Martin

I know I shared this song a little while ago but it bears a repeat...

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