Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ageless Innocence

 How is it after all this time simplicity still amazes us most?!

This bedrock of centuries where dawn is hung
Boasting no newness beneath its old sun
Unfurls new morning on hinges of grace
Teasing our touch to its guiltless embrace
Come, for the hour is rife with Time’s kiss
And all we know but a glimpse of what is

Discov’ry lures and draws us from our tents
We are all children in its innocence
Fully amazed by Time’s dauntless demise
Like ancient trail-blazers we, no more wise
Struggle and stumble to learn what they knew
Drinking like foundlings the dawn and its dew

Ah, ageless innocence; simplicity
Stuns us to silence where babble would be
But then the laughter of nature and child
Rouses a chuckle in us as God smiled
Knowing regardless of our blatant boast
Man cannot fathom mercy’s uttermost

How can it be after all our fuss
There is still friendliness in this old dust?
There is still innocence; how can it be
After desecration of centuries
Over and over our visage is awed
And all we can murmur is, thank-you God

© Janet Martin

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