Sunday, September 21, 2014

Garden Party

They gather half-dressed in their gaudy best
A motley hue of pink, yellow, red, blue
As brave smiles caress the bitter-sweetness
At this reunion of summer-adieu

Genial champions; youth once ran rampant
Unfolding petals like time unfolds dreams
Silver and sage tint the sun-shadow stage
At the assembly to summer’s requiem

Time is Kaiser; a great Equalizer
Its moment-geyser touches one and all
Brawn and beauty fall prey to its Duty
Bloom is the vertex of summer-to-fall

They gather together, bowed by weather
Nothing can tether the seed to its shell  
Immortal Must of all life; dust to dust
Filling the garden with summer-farewell

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful gardens! Are these yours? The poem is very fitting. Have a blessed week ahead. Pam

  2. Beautiful, Janet! Love this arch in the middle of the open above the stone path leading to your house, and all the welcoming. And you make everything look so easy, be it poetry or gardening :-)

  3. Hi Pam,
    Yes these are the gardens along our driveway started many years ago by me grandma. When she moved to one of her daughters we bought this property...25 years ago! This garden has been expanding, plant by plant since then:)

  4. I love perennial gardens because they are so forgiving and always up for an add-on. I got the arbor from someone who didn't want it anymore and it dreams of holding something vine-like someday but for now it is welcome just as it is!Those rocks are a love-hate for me...the weeds love 'lacing' them and I don't love the weeds;)but I do like the interest rocks add to any flower garden so the work is worth it... Thank-you as always for the interest and kindness, Sasha.


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