Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day of Autumn Poem

Worn wind wanders wooded wild
Leaf-song is its summer-child
Swift, suave generations falter
Time’s cradle; consummate alter

Wish and whimsy cannot keep
Broken blossoms from their sleep
Like free-thinkers laud rebellion
Dreamer's cling to leaf-medallion

Pretty posy, fair art thou
Yet soon, soon thy head wilt bow
We are like a field of flowers
All of life must yield to hours

Lilt of lavender, oh my
How you tease the breeze and I
But no gardener can garner
Summer, save in jelly-larders

Whiff of wonderment is Time
Twisted stubble-pocked rose-rhyme
Taste its salt-tears where surrender
Succumbs first to autumn splendor

©Janet Martin

Yesterday the weatherman said its looks like Autumn is going to make amends for what some called a ‘bummer of a summer’!

I'm not sure if every-one's google-page looks the same but today's first day of autumn page just makes one smile and feel good! 


  1. A pretty poem. I must check out google. We are in a high pressure until Sunday and in the low 20's from Thursday. I hope that's what you will have too. :)


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