Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Overcomer of Summer

The Overcomer of summer steals
Across earth's slope on phantom reels
Of dawn to dusk; the sumac feels
Her easy touch and blushes
Where winsome green of younger days
Surrenders to the subtle ways
Of change while an orchestra plays
Amongst the stalwart rushes

The Overcomer of summer slips
Like laughter where the blue sky drips
With pleasantness; we part our lips
To drink its willing wishes
Where sadly, suddenly we taste
The bittersweet of moment-haste
Strawberry wine evaporates  
In draughts of farewell kisses

The Overcomer of summer strolls
Where violet dusk and vesper lolls
And crick-cricket cadence cajoles
The earliness of evening
Behind us now the field is stripped
And orchards bow while we tight-lipped
Acknowledge what has softly slipped
Beyond the reach of being

The Overcomer of Summer laughs
We cling to things like photographs
as Her sun-dappled autographs
Distract us from mere hours
while all along, though we ignored
The certainty of Her reward
She leads us lady-like toward
A garden without flowers

© Janet Martin

Last night I tugged my sunflower jungle from the garden. I hope it has not yet re-seeded too profusely! They were oh so very friendly and oh so bossy for they really do take over a garden if allowed!

 We are wrapped in a pink blanket this morning...


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