Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Of Rendering and Response

When you come like this;
Reaching through darkness to crack its hold
Rolling in purple mist-oceans, then gold
Melting on muted mosaics of sod
Waking the morning with your whispers, God

…when you come like this;
 Murmured from regions thought cannot descry
Breaking the ribbons that fetter the sky
Washing the world with pearled morsels of dew
 Dawn is a shadow of Eden; Time-new

When you come like this;
Drenching the old with never-before-seen
Rending the fold of unmapped in-between
Holy unveiling on earth’s failing banks
All we can do is trust You and give thanks

© Janet Martin

Let’s choose to go forth, not in fear but in trust and thanksgiving.
Man’s mustered threats can never supersede our God, not of dead, but the living!

Here is a glimpse of what awaits the evil man starting at verse 25 in Job 15...

 ...because he shakes his fist at God
    and vaunts himself against the Almighty,
26 defiantly charging against him
    with a thick, strong shield.
27 “Though his face is covered with fat
    and his waist bulges with flesh,
28 he will inhabit ruined towns
    and houses where no one lives,
    houses crumbling to rubble.
29 He will no longer be rich and his wealth will not endure,
    nor will his possessions spread over the land.
30 He will not escape the darkness;
    a flame will wither his shoots,
    and the breath of God’s mouth will carry him away.
31 Let him not deceive himself by trusting what is worthless,
    for he will get nothing in return.
32 Before his time he will wither,
    and his branches will not flourish.
33 He will be like a vine stripped of its unripe grapes,
    like an olive tree shedding its blossoms.
34 For the company of the godless will be barren,
    and fire will consume the tents of those who love bribes.

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