Friday, September 5, 2014

Lifetime Busi-ness

Right now the busyness of living tastes like peaches, tomatoes and all other things 'September'...

This business of living…
…its giving, forgiving,
…its taking, love-making affair
Of having and holding
And molding, enfolding
Our zeniths of joy and despair
Into ever-after
…its learning and laughter
Shaping and testing our Belief
Where we all must do our part
Is not for the faint of heart
Its payday oft maydays of grief

This business of busyness
Duty-dream dizziness
As loss and loveliness form
A deeper knowledge
Not book-learned in college
But beneath Time’s rain and sun dorm
Teaches its students
Love-lessons of Prudence
And accountability
This business of living
Takes as it is giving
Demanding our entirety

So then, let’s get to it
And just simply do it
What profit is base bickering?
For oh, who can tell it?
What whisper will quell it?
…life’s once-lit flame flickering
Thus, we dare not waste it
Nor haste it, but taste it
Savor each flavor full-blast
For this business of living
Insists on its giving
Everything to the Past

© Janet Martin


  1. Wonderful. You never fail to amaze.

    This reminds me Bradbury's, "The wine was summer caught and stoppered."

  2. Can't WAIT to look it up! I will repeat this line it!

    Thank-you. Your encouragement never gets taken for granted.

  3. It's from his "Dandelion Wine." Prose that reads like poetry. "The words were summer on the tongue. The wine was summer caught and stoppered." Many more unforgettable lines in that book. My daughter just loved it. I have a feeling Victoria might enjoy it, too. And her Mom, of course :-)

  4. Something to look forward to tonight after a hot, sticky day. We will read it together. (if I don't take a sneak-peek first;)

  5. okay...I just called the library; they don't have it but will try to get it, so, something to look forward to until then!

  6. What beautiful bounty - of words from your insightful heart AND from your garden! Reminded me of the honour of getting to pick from our root cellar my favourite canned fruit for a winter dessert.
    Great & apt comparisons to "Dandelion Wine" - on my all-time fave list of books.
    Thanks for sharing these fall insights.

  7. thank-you Cyndy:) now I really want to find that book because on my winter read-list are many authors you have highlighted on your blog!

    Last night I made Spaghetti for supper because the little guys I baby-sit love it. We ate and then my son came home a little later. on his first bite he dropped his fork, chewed slowly then said, Mom! what sauce did you use?! this is the best spaghetti you ever made', and I told him it's the great season of fresh garlic, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, onions and basil. Together they taste fantastic. This is one of my favorite times of year; gathering and preserving...and cooking!

  8. Thought about you and all those peaches this week...Wow!!
    Let me know about that book. sounds interesting:)


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