Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We Call This Piece September

 (September feels like cello music to me)

...the first line came to me as I watched  from my dentist chair perch this morning; yellowing branches strumming the sky outside the window...

The Fellow in the yellow on the Cello
Plays a musk-dusk mellow tune
Gone is the lilt of the doggerel spilt
To budding May and June

Now, the fellow in the yellow on the cello
Draws his bow across the strings
In minor key, its melody
Like fireside evenings

And we pause because he draws our thoughts
To Time's sun-burnished art
for the fellow in the yellow on the cello writes
In whispers of the heart

…and we call this piece September; we remember
Why we love it so
As we linger licking fingers dipped in apple and ginger
And slow, slow letting go

© Janet Martin

...or in our case, tomatoes and icing;))

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