Monday, December 19, 2011

A Wish Come True...but ever Renewed

I should wish to keep contentment…

…to know it is enough

to have what I am holding

and not what I have sought

I should like to know contentment

is worth more than temporal gold

and clasping you in sentiment

is love’s wondrous way to hold

you close when you are far way

and I should wish to be

contented, here, right now, today

and let tomorrow be

for it will come when it will come

its cares with it will wait

Within the arms of home sweet home

Contentment’s law is sweet

I don’t want to be distracted

By the things I do not have

Or dare to take for-granted, life

With one foot in the grave

And I will be content to simply

Have and hold this moment

To pine for what I do not have

Is foolishness and torment

Merry Christmas, darling

Oh, I know that I’ve been blessed

And may its sweet contentment be

The thing I cherish best


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