Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sometime He Thinks I've Forgotten...

Sometimes he thinks I’ve forgotten
Then I tip-toe upstairs and peek in,
He opens his eyes just a tiny bit,
I see an almost-grin,
so I tell him he can’t really sleep
until I re-tuck the blankets
and then I hug him and tell him I love him
and he’s growing so tall
He says I smell like Doritos
and that he loves me too

Sometimes he thinks I’ve forgotten
and maybe I did
forget to tell him I would be home late
and I call him after midnight
He tells me he’s in Chicago
and the traffic is bumper to bumper
but the Cubs won in the 13th inning
and I smile at the other end
and I tell him that I love him
and he says he loves me too

Sometimes He thinks I’ve forgotten
and too often, I confess I do
life pushes past my good intentions
with distractions all dressed up like duty
and sensible reasons why
there will be more time to pray later
then He reminds me it is better to be faithful in little
than to be unfaithful in much
and I bow my head and tell Him I love Him
and He whispers, I love you too

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