Thursday, December 29, 2011


This photo(source; photo-bucket) is by Clark Little. World renowned Wave Photographer.
Waves are a great metaphor for is, then was.

Time, a majestic wave rolling
over a realm of existence
It is more than a jest twixt sky and sod
Time pulls the sun from the east
hastening it westward
on our journey to timeless eternity
…and God

Time, a stage where man is spectator
to miracles held in
shadows slipping from twilight’s berth
the line of green hemlock
deepening to black
as The Hour draws midnight across
time-structured earth

Time, a vapor on the tip
of eternity's tongue
reminding us that today is the best we can hold
Time, a flickering prelude
to the great beyond
where no one is young
…or old


The New Year always gets me to contemplating this thing called Time


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