Monday, December 12, 2011


The moon climbs above the horizon
A stealthy, crimson eye
Pushing the remnants of evening
Into the dark, blue sky
I stand on earth’s silver palette
Night is frozen and vast
And it seems I can almost hear it
Present becoming past

The sky is a boundless portal
An ocean of infinite calm
Unfathomable to mortal
This speck in eternity’s palm
Here in the solace of midnight
Comfort and longing vie
To be the whisper of moonlight
Gleaming in my eye

Time is a thief of moments
Yet, time is a moment’s source
Hastening, ever hastening
Yet never a glimpse of its force
The moon climbs above the horizon
Translucent hand on Time’s clock
No man knows the day or the hour
When this cosmic time-piece will stop


  1. It’s so hard to grasp & fathom sometimes the greatness of people, and then again it’s not really so hard to understand. And so that you’ll know, the heights of the inspiration you inspire, are equal to that of the distance to heaven. Time was once a merry-go-round, but now it is a pick-up & motorcycle. And the battle is to have time as a friend and keep it a friend. We, time & I like to fight, but it’s nothing serious ^_^ Thanks again also for your kind words in your replies. I think I would need a million thank you’s for a million words. I like to read when I can, and I read a lot of your older post as I am a new member. I read your post and 3 books that I should have finished a month ago, see what I mean about me and time scraping, haha. Au-revoir until next year, heart felt wishes, prayers, blessings to you & yours for all that you & they seek and want!!

  2. Victor, Thank-you for your inspirational comments! Time and I have had a round or two in the ring but time is a proven winner, and yes, even a friend!

    See you in the New Year.
    Thank-you again and Merry Christmas.

  3. great poem. esp loved the line "time is a thief of moments" :)


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