Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eat it Slowly ...

(this poem was inspired as I read the poem at the link above)

Eat it slowly,
The poem you read
The book,
Savor the flavor
Don’t gulp it down
Without a second look
Eat it slowly
That full moon night
Just you and him
Soon the moon will slip beneath
Day's yawning brim
Drink it slowly
Purest love from
Little girl or bare-foot boy
Oh, they are so beautiful
Their smiles
A butter-cup of joy
And they want to be loved,
Not with a quick nod or glance
But to hold your hand
Do nothing
But eat life slowly
Laugh and dance
Eat it slowly,
This dish of wonder
This miracle of being; doing
For life is far too quickly over
To rush and gulp it
Without chewing


If you come to a pit just spit it out...and keep chewing slowly,
extracting every bit of flavor from every bite...the key to health and happiness!


  1. Janet, I just love the conclusion to this poem. You are so right: we cannot rush life and gulp without chewing. The more we 'chew' the more we 'savor.'

  2. Yes, I have been trying to put extra effort into 'chewing more slowly' really does taste better if we do so!


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