Thursday, December 8, 2011


Dear God,
I just want to thank you
For you have blessed me
With love I don't deserve
But in tender compassion
You pour it out
Keeping nothing in reserve...


The little boy I baby-sit saw this photo.
He said 'it looks like fire in the sky'.
Yes, it does,


  1. Janet, thank you for your thoughtful comment! This poem of yours mirrors, somewhat one I JUST wrote about three minutes ago. You poetic prayer is one we should remember daily...

    The photo is beautiful. That "fire sky" makes the city skyline appear so fragile. As well it is...


  2. Thank-you Rick. We do get so much more than we deserve in spite of what we think we lack, don't we?

  3. We are so blessed... when I was little, my dad always pointed out beautiful sunrises and sunsets, harvest moons and starry night skies... and was quick to emphasize all were orchestrated by the Master's hand. I don't get out to see near as many sunsets and sunrises now as in the warmer months, but there is something special in each display... His beauty is there for us even if we don't see it :)


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