Monday, December 12, 2011


Because it is not in the measure

Of desire or despair

Or accumulation of

Fortune or faults

By which we are judged

When this clock halts…

And because I will never be able to reach

The point where I can

Justifiably throw stones

To hinder or hurt

Or forget that I too am

But a beggar clothed in dirt…

Or just because I cannot touch you

Does not mean that

I am unable to love you

Or meet you where

We can feel each other

In the arms of prayer…

Because this clock of life

Is wound but once

Never returning to yesterday

Or leaping to tomorrow

There is no need then

Either of its cares to borrow….

Because God will never

Discard me as hopeless

Or unworthy of His care

And because I need only to trust

From moment to moment

I can do what I must...

Because I cannot afford to squander

This gift wrapped in Time

I will choose only to love

You; for I have but a single chance

The clock of life

Is wound but once…



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