Wednesday, May 4, 2016

To Common Kings...

It was a 'simple things' day...

For all that life leaves to desire
Much is rendered in return
Its Best, dressed in plain attire
Tendered through lessons we learn

Once upon youth’s restless green days
We were sure that joy was more
Than the commonness of freeways
Leading to home-sweet-home’s door

My, how high we held the future
Life’s best days wrapped in its gleam
Until one day we grew wiser
And began to live the dream

For all that life leaves to desire
It bestows to common kings
Happiness that we acquire
By its wealth of simple things

© Janet Martin


  1. I know what you mean, Janet, but your "simple things" (see pics above) require a special skill :) Everything looks so good!

    Love what you did with commonness, love the "common kings."

    1. Melissa moved home last weekend and she wondered what in the world we want with all this food(though she is an eager taste-tester:)...and I told her this is a kitchen where this happens all the time because her brother has a hollow leg and the children that come here 3 or 4 days a week always want to know what's cooking in Janet's kitchen, plus this week-end is very busy and includes a Mother's day dinner we are hosting (baking ahead for this) for both of our moms/grandmas. Counting blessings creates 'common kings':)

      Thank-you Sasha:)

    2. How nice that you'll have three generations celebrating together. Enjoy a very special weekend!

    3. Thank-you. We hope to!
      Three generations is a blessing we are not taking for granted. Jim's mom is in her mid-80's and struggling with some health concerns, plus, we never know what a day will bring to any one of us!


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