Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Mad Embrace...

This steal-our-breath where life and death are juxtaposed, aligned
Rewards us and dismays us with its gifts cruel and kind
These four-season arrangements that estrange yet coalesce
While hours wring earth’s flowers with both hurt and happiness

This tie that binds while loosening with holy ticks and tocks
The gossamer tether of holding hands and watching clocks
Where running to and fro, clasping and letting go becomes
A collection of destinies that keens senses and numbs

…with nothing more than kisses where daylight dismisses stars
And dawn’s new spawn of wishes draws upon our heart of hearts
Delight and discontentment while this flight of left-foot-right
Drains more than sunset skylines in its raving appetite

This reading books and wading brooks and meeting looks and smiles
This birthday cake and blue lake-ache, this heartbreak that beguiles
Us to another come-what-may splayed gold upon the east
While we with trembling boldness tread the hemline of its feast

This being-doing-seeing-trusting-ruing what is not
This Thing that sings and weeps, vexes and perplexes man’s thought
This beg-and borrow, common sorrow cup that overflows
With laughter of a baby and Perfection of a rose

This place of grace that hinges us in space to God’s full care
And traces Hope where we would grope in uttermost despair
This minuscule allotment of salvation’s joy and strife
Is The Appointment before Evermore that we call life

© Janet Martin

We've enjoyed a week of  dawn's sun-gold skylines after what felt like an endless routine of gray...
here's to another and wishing you every-kind-of-Wonderful-Saturday.

 ...don't you love Spring's when-every-leaf-is-a-flower stage?!

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