Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Through Blue, Blue Deep

Daylight seeps through yon dark, blue deep
And loosens to the air
A whole new ‘Lord, guide, bless and keep
Us in Thy faithful care’

From coffers that scoffers deny
It folds the dark and fills the sky
And tends man’s countless needs

The evidence of Providence
Rustles in newborn leaves
It wakes the bluebells by the fence
Earth’s sable shroud conceives

From thought’s affairs the mouth declares
Hurrah and alas, oh
And concedes that in spite of airs
‘Tis but by grace we go

He holds us, nothing interferes
Though hope with fancy flirts
His covenanted Presence cheers
Us even when life hurts

Grace seeps through yonder blue, blue deep
Disguised as simple Day
A whole new ‘Lord guide, bless and keep’
Begins its come-what-may

© Janet Martin


  1. Replies
    1. :) I pray with...well, I was going to say 'my school kids' which is now one, before they go out the door to the bus and more often than not it includes 'Lord, guide, bless and keep' which sort of inspired this poem. Words murmured often but without His 'guide, bless and keep', we will fail!!

    2. "Love's kindness folds the dark and fills the sky" is an image that will stay with me...


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