Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ah, Lovely May

 I didn't get my fill of May writing, 
partly due to the fact that every May day was filled with May-ways to enjoy...
mostly work with a little play;-)
 May Days Collage...It's a little how a mind feels when looking back!

Ah, lovely May, your artist’s tray
Spills daffodil and lilac plume
Then scatters in their petal-wake
Many, oh many a budded bloom

Ah, lovely May, your minstrels play
Time’s greenest green and bluest blue
But then your music fades away
While we are busy loving you

Ah lovely May, your comely way
Makes orchards blush and young love too
And everybody, young and old
Is gladdened by the kiss of you

Ah, lovely May, ah, holiday
From firesides and surly storm
You dance across fresh fields of grass
In flip-flop feet, sunny and warm

Ah lovely May of bloom-fringed path
You slip away far, far too soon
But always in your aftermath
You leave upon dawn's door-sill, June

© Janet Martin

My farewell song to May;))

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