Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Poetic Bloomings invites us to use a line from a favorite poem/poet as a springboard for a new poem

I chose John Clare and the first line of the poem The Progress of Rhyme

Oh, soul-enchanting poesy
Like laugh-lines on the face of Time
How barren wert life without rhyme
Nothing can take thy youth from thee

The poet with lost thought must roam
To bridle from the teeming air
Color and sound, passion and prayer
To fashion them into a poem

Though ill may spill its cup of woe
And stir the burr of want in Her
Oh, soul-enchanting slip-and-slur
You soothe the chill when ill winds blow

How fine the favor of thy gift
You free love’s longing like a bird
Yet bind her close with naught but word
You set a fleet of sighs adrift

…and capture in verse, fantasy
A picture painted with blue ink
Though dusk swaddles the earth in pink
And white caps ride the turquoise sea

Immune art thou to creed or greed
But with a ministerial touch
You breathe away gray days and such
And succor rich or poor man’s need

Oh, soul-enchanting poesy
You uphold joy, a faithful friend
And wave the banner of thought penned
Into hallmarks of poetry

© Janet Martin

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