Tuesday, May 3, 2016

O-o-o and A-a-h-some

The glory of Creation’s law
Through countless ages thrills
New generations stand in awe
At what ‘let there be spills

Across the dross of winter-spent
The song of spring extols
God’s faithfulness; time’s testament
Of hope rekindles souls

On hollow and hillside He drapes
A lush and lavish sheen
As majesty of mercy shapes
Grand-scapes of fresh-spun green

Nothing escapes His gaze
How kind this Sovereign Keeper is
How beyond man, His ways

His way instills each bud with blooms
It ordains seeds to hold
A harvest-song within the looms
The weave earth’s green and gold

The glory of the Lord above
Lavishes lands beneath
Benevolence imbues its love
Infusing dormant heath

Across the wake of winter lies
Spring’s promised promenade
The spectator worships with eyes
Glad for all God has made

© Janet Martin

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof...Ps.24:1


  1. Your fun title made me smile. Spring is such a glorious time in creation!

    1. thank-you, yes...a-a-ah-some:) hence the title!


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