Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring Thanks-giving Hymn

 It is not hard to give thanks in spring, I thought,
 as I pedaled through its rolling wonderland last night...

For winter gales that never came
For blessings beyond count or name
For hope in spite of guilt and shame
Give thanks

For purple pansy’s friendly face
For wonderlands of green-spun grace
For forgiveness for human race
Give thanks

For paths that flow forward, not back
For feet to dance and mouth to laugh
For nature’s free-flung bivouac
Give thanks

For this; springtime the Lord has made
…time’s newness over oldness laid
For seasons we would never trade
Give thanks

For flowers fresh from heaven's hand
For showers lavishing the land
For seed to plant and God to grant
Give thanks

For gilt of bud on barren limb
For lilt of lark when dark grows dim
For all roads leading back to Him
Give thanks

© Janet Martin

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