Wednesday, May 18, 2016

the RYŪKA...(this form of poetry has no title)

Today Poetic Bloomings challenges us with a form called the  RYŪKA. First I was a little dubious but it turns out to be quite 'more-ish'. Wanna try?

the RYŪKA.

Fear mocks in cold and bold attire
But He, above life’s tearful care
Is there: higher and greater than
Mankind’s despair: gentle, the Hand
That some misunderstand and hate
But God is great and He is love
While man debates vast galaxies
Beneath His whispers move

© Janet Martin

the RYŪKA.

Velvet vespers tickle trees
Waft, silk-soft, aloft
Clothed in mist-mauve benedictions
Over dusk’s stilly croft

© Janet Martin


White caps stun green sweeps
Robin rogue protests
Spring's crest of crystal confusion
A snow day in mid-May

© Janet Martin


  1. The very idea of a snow day in May drives all other thought from my mind. Come for a visit, Janet. We are having 80 degree weather next week. All in all, I prefer the snow.

    1. In Canada May is such a mixed bag...last week-end freezing, this week-end is fore-casted to be hot. so far its been warm. I don't prefer the snow but I think that's because it has not yet been sweltering.
      Your words inspire me...'come for a visit'. I like simple words like that:)


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