Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fantastic Freebies

 Photos of a few freebies that made my day...

For feasts spread on heaven’s buffet
For moss mantles on long-lost tombs
For miracles of flower-bells
Or hawthorn bush snow-white with blooms

For picnics beneath heaven's dome
For blue forget-me-not bouquet
And fodder for ten-thousand poems
Lavishing time's day-to-day

For green in sundry shade and sheen
For hills that waken wanderlust
For rain to wash the wide world clean
While we trample unconscious dust

…and fill heart-cups with hope and dream
And dance upon a fresh-spun day
Or idle by the giddy stream
To watch the minnows dart and play

For newborn calf, children that laugh
For people that we love and miss
For light that spawns sun-dappled lawns
For chubby baby-hug and kiss

For farmer’s whistling as they go
For lad that follows in his steps
For rills that bound with melted snow
And tumble to uncharted depths
For hedge, refurbished with spring’s leaf
And sedge rejuvenating a-ahs
For marsh-marigold gilded creek
And nature’s un-forgetting laws

For poetry of dusk-hushed lea
For winter’s holiday, hurray
For soil to plant and toil to grant
A well-earned rest after the day

For blue-eyed cares and bedtime prayers
For velvet vesper-lullabies
For songs to sing and simple things
That yield glimpses of paradise

For birds and butterflies and bees
For words to whisper what we think
For fair-as-flower memories 
And daylight's farewell, yellow-pink

For bread to break and meals to make
And garden-getaways at home
For bracken haunt and stilly lake
And wild-bloom, back-wood trails to roam

For sorrow spun in happy days
For every blessing free at large
We offer humble, grateful praise
To He who grants it a No Charge

© Janet Martin


  1. You are going to play a very important role in the memories of those little ones you care for. How thoughtful of you to provide snacks for the puppy on your picnic. Sometimes, in my sillier moments, I wish you could come babysit me:)

    1. oh, and they play an important role in my life ...i hope I do in theirs;), but they constantly remind me of what's important and to just. slow. down!

      lol...I definitely would come for a visit if I could.


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