Friday, May 27, 2016

May Morning

She triumphs dark with whispers, silver scarves silk-soft unfold
Dawn dims the vale of stars as she draws New across The Old
How rampant runs Her hour from that spigot in the sky
With no time like the present to indulge its try, try, try

She opens earth with flowers, brings to fruition the day
That long we dreamed about through winter’s cold and idling gray
She lavishes the orchard with blush pink and lilac plume
Where garden-hungry dreamers gather to applaud its bloom

Oh, sweet, sweet May, you drive away dark doubt with diamond tears
Where, scattered on Past’s frozen fray a new today appears
A grand, first-hand occasion fit for guests both young and old
A ball where ballerinas bob in tutus spun with gold

She will not tarry long, thus we cannot afford to miss
The bliss of blossom-kisses, fairy-fronds of make-a-wish
Come, loll beneath her full-sky heath, list to Her happy tune
For soon summer will ripen Her awakening with June

© Janet Martin

"This!" I sighed as I strolled a lilac-scented, dew-dazled dawn, "is what so long we have waited for!"

Wishing you the best of the bitty-rest of May mornings!

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