Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Do you ever do this...vow to never forget so you drink in a moment's silhouette
knowing soon you will
because Time's hands are never still...

 Melissa invited me in from weeding and digging for an espresso-break...
The simple preciousness of an after-school moment caught me off guard  but even as I strained to etch it in my memory I sensed its edges blurring ...

This too will pass, I mourn
And try to etch within the heart
The form that fills the frame
That spills time’s claim in moment-art

This too will fade, I know
The come and go of years has taught
That nothing lasts too long, save fragments
Lingering in thought

Today will soon be yesterday
Love’s bloom of joy or grief
Drains moments like a little bud
Wanes hours leaf by leaf

Each moment must surrender
Tenderness wills love’s applause
Where sharp edges soon blur and render
All but Is to Was

This too will soon be ashes
Climax of thought, touch and heart
Are every at the splashes of
Life’s dying moment-art

© Janet Martin

May your day be a montage of breathtaking moment-art!

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