Monday, May 16, 2016

May Days...

Yesterday we were reminded that winter still hovers in the fringes, but today May returns to more seasonal form.

The trees wear green, lace dresses
The breeze, a satin shawl
The gleaming hill caresses
Blue-heaven madrigals

The brook, a laughing love-song
Each nook and dell a plot
Where lolls the daffodil with
Blue-eyed forget-me-not

Dawn is a golden posy
Noon is a butterfly
Dusk lingers, lush and rosy
Where violet vespers sigh

Hope finds orchard-havens
Clothes the scraggly limb
With the blush of blossoms
Yonder woodlands brim

…with nature’s gladdest singing
As praise to heaven rings
For the kind refurbishing
Of earth’s long-hidden springs

© Janet Martin

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