Sunday, May 1, 2016

Love's To-do Lists...

 My life and Margaret's comment on the previous post inspired this poem:)
 photo later...can't find my coat I wore yesterday and it has my camera in its pocket:(

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.
Ps. 106:1

Camera found in a coat hanging the rain, but it still works!
Happy May, by the way!

Duty untwists in to-do lists
No refuge from its stringent spoil
Save in night’s lay-me-down-to-sleep
To rest our hands and feet from toil

Hours untwist in to-do lists
Task sires task, its seems to me
Still, I do not care for escape
If my to-do is from-to Thee

…for love untwists in to-do lists
How humbly glad am I, full-blessed
To minister to need where need
Remembers me in its request

Thus, Lord above, with grateful love
I pray where life’s spiral untwists
That Thou wouldst grant wisdom and strength
For love’s laurel, life’s to-do lists

© Janet Martin

Ah, glorious Sunday, ah, blessed day of worship and rest!
Well, rest sort of…all I need to do is re-tidy the house, ice two birthday cakes, move some of Melissa’s things(from her move home yesterday) from the garage because the birthday bonfire might be rained out and perhaps a birthday BBQ instead, do a bit of taxiing, teach Sunday School…
Hence the inspiration for this poem. It is because we have people who love and need us and we love and need them whereby our (never-ending) to-do lists evolve.

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