Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Hellos and send-offs and yellows and blues
Dawn of a new day then twilight adieus
Thought, like a peddler of dreams fills our gaze
Before the treadle of Touch wields its ways
Over and under, through us, in between
Time weaves its wonder …a memory-machine

Sing a song, pray a prayer, shed a tear, smile
Nothing is anything but A Wee While
See how the tie that binds unwinds anew
Begetting threads from founts heady with dew
Before then after, the laughter of years
Runs through The Now that never disappears

Crumbs from a Table above our reach
Fall into frames filled with life’s learn-and-teach
Change our minds, change our plans, change our ways,
Change spills in constant allotment of days
Arranging with it, new pieces of art
Lent for safe-keeping deep, deep in the heart

Spring-summer-autumn then winter deploys
Seasons of sorrow, reasons for new joys
Hellos and send-offs and yellows and blues
Like buds that brim then break into adieus
Stirring us to revere what dusk will wean
From our touch to time’s memory-machine

© Janet Martin

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