Monday, May 16, 2016

On Blooming Where We're Planted

 Life is a blend of oohs and aahs and blues and blahs

Bloom where you’re planted
Don’t be disenchanted
By what God has granted
Whether gold or gray
The boon of an hour
Is like a noon shower
Or bud swooned to flower
Soon withered away

Time is a garden
Live, laugh, love, my darlin’
For we do not know when
Our last bloom will fade
And all that will linger
Of summer and winter
Are tender-sweet whispers
Of memories made

So bloom where you’re planted
And don’t take for-granted
The everyday banter
Of duty-bent trust
For soft slips the season
Its rhyme and its reason
A vexing profusion
Of diamonds and dust

© Janet Martin

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