Thursday, May 12, 2016

Time To Take The Time

When care of love the life of laughter dims
And presses weary sighs between our lips
When cup of heartache drains our song and brims
With sorrow-hues and mournful fellowships
When will and want are not enough to heal
Or seal the strife that troubles season-sands
Then it is time to take the time to kneel
And tell it to the One who understands

When hope is like a howling hunger-storm
And need a labyrinth, deep, undeterred
That runs in raging rivers through a form
Of skin and bone with groan too raw for word
When try-again flounders and fails to fill
The hollow where we cannot stem the tide
Where doubt and fear and pride unleash their ill
And we seek One in whom we can confide

...then it is time to take the time to bow
Before the Hands and Feet that once wore nails
He suffered every grief earth could allow
And renders peace and love that never fails
In spite of what we face, His grace sustains
With tender mercy He covets our cry
Oh, praise the name of Jesus, He remains
Kind, faithful fellowship for you and I

© Janet Martin

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