Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Oh-Zone

Poetic Bloomings is asking us to share our writing 'comfort zone'.
(Right now I do 90% of my writing here in the morning)

Windows facing north and east
Coffee poured, a poet’s feast
Oh, the lovely countryside
As dark yields to morning-tide

Turn computer on, here goes
What will be? Nobody knows
Close my eyes, grit versus grace
Shift my chair…type…hit back-space

Lend the will of word to jot
Befriend the venture of thought
Where and how and why, oh my
Troll the deep and touch the sky

Startle the page with a prayer
Grapple with hope and despair
“Tock” says clock and “Ach”, says I
How a poet’s hours fly!

Want and will and whispers war
Taunt and thrill and groan implore
Vexation and pleasure vie
Dawn expands and fills the sky

Fear and courage interlace
Oh, the bliss of grit and grace
Shift my chair…type…don’t delete
Task and tsk-tsk-tsk compete

© Janet Martin

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