Monday, May 9, 2016

How Doth a Day In May

How lovely is a day in May
When all the earth is good
And green is like a mist-spun fray
Flung soft upon the wood

How wondrous is a day in May
As bud, long, long asleep
In mid-air, plants a flower-splay
Against noon’s azure sweep

How darling is a day in May
A dreamland paradise
Where winter is too far away
To taunt our captive sighs

How handsome is a day in May
Time’s adolescent wink
Wears dresses of blue-sky chambray
And apple blossom pink

How sweeter is a day in May
Than winter’s wailing wraith
Where hills that long loomed dull and gray
Bloom with first-fruits of faith

How tender is a day in May
When Mother Nature smiles
And soothes earth's brokenness away
With leaf and lilac isles

How fleeting is a day in May
Then we should slow our feet
Lest we miss nature’s fresh display
That soon turns bittersweet

© Janet Martin

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