Tuesday, May 10, 2016


With two unexpected days off I am allowing the pen to laugh at the clock and dance on the day…
whilst rearranging the eggs in the nest;-)) I think I'll bake because everything I baked last week has disappeared!

Un-expectations are like invitations we are sent
To test the will and want of Quest; our faith and trust and grit
And then we are reminded that all we embrace is lent
And we should never overlook the Hand that renders it

Un-expectation startles us; it changes Plan and Dream
And causes us to reconsider what we thought we knew
It tests our boast; it challenges what we highly esteem
It teaches that life is an unpredictable ado

Un-expectation, we come to expect its sundry ways
But still, its ‘hello’ takes us by surprise, we must admit
It’s hard to acclimate to sudden, rearranged Todays
But it reminds us to depend on He who renders it

© Janet Martin

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