Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Poetic Bloomings Returns!

Poetic Bloomings has returned! It is a garden where we plant poetry. Hop over for a stroll and if you wish you are welcome to join the planting. On Wednesdays we try out various forms of poetry. Today's form is the Boketto...more about this form here.

 'The Boketto consists of two stanzas, One of five lines (30 syllables – 7,7,7,4,5) and a three line (17 syllables – two seven syllable lines and a three syllable line which becomes a refrain if a string of Boketto are written). It expresses a single moment in time!

We exist in Here and Now
As we gape, its moments shape
The bowers none return to
Made with hours
Of showers and sun

…no hand can hasten or halt
The perpetual flow of
Here and Now

© Janet Martin

All we ever have is Here and Now. How will we use it?

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