Saturday, May 21, 2016

When Time Unfolds in Green and Gold

When time unfolds in green and gold
And runs the sun awry
Until it spills on fields and hills
In splashes from the sky

When earth unveils from hidden grails
The bloom it long withheld
And drains the bud long chained in mud
To garden, field and dell

When everywhere we turn to stare
Is filled with ‘my, oh, my’
As the cocoon of winter swoons
Into a butterfly

Then we kick off our blues and shoes
And join the carefree boy
To dance upon the sun-splashed lawn
And drink life’s simple joy

When time unfolds in green and gold
After April-cold show’rs
We join the mirth of Mother Earth
And fill our fists with flow’rs

© Janet Martin


  1. Peaceful images and words. I love the golden fields.

  2. I love golden fields too but not so much golden lawns. In Ontario they have made it illegal to spray.

  3. I like this poem. I like the imagery of dandelions as splashes of spilled sunshine. The photos are so much a part of the poem you couldn't fully appreciate one without the other.

    1. Dandelions are a lot like some people in life...we must choose to love them;-)

  4. This is so joyful! What a beautiful pairing of your poem and photos.

    1. thank-you...and the topper? a little yellow-shirted lad;-)


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