Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Not Finished Yet...

Sometimes when looking back we think
We want what time has mimed to naught
Save in the pitter-patter of
Love tiptoeing across our thought

Sometimes when looking back we hear
What we think are the good, old days
And we allow love’s bitty tear
To cheer us with its good, old ways

Sometimes when looking back we feel
The touch of time, surreal and keen
This thing that heals can cut the heart
With nothing but the what-has-been

Sometimes when looking back we chase
A place that no longer exists
And overlook rainbows of grace
Spiraling where today untwists

Sometimes when looking back we see
Scenes that no hand can resurrect
And suddenly the heart is stirred
To salvage days not finished yet

© Janet Martin

In a week from today I will celebrate the half-century mark if time tarries, so
I think that entitles me to a teeny-weeny bit of looking back
if simply to remind me of God's love and faithfulness!


  1. Oh, Janet .... I remember well my half-century turn. It's quite jarring at first. I can't say it gets easier, growing old, but I think of all the good people who never had a chance to do so, and that puts a different perspective on things. And to think I cried when I turned 40. My mother was so right then, and she's reminded me of the same thing often: You'll look back in 10 years and realize how young you were. And so it is.

    Lovely poem. Reflecting is good for the soul.

    1. Hi Dayle. The thought about 'the tear cheering us' was inspired by your post:)
      Yes, the number doesn't really bother me...much;-) Like you say, SO many wonderful people never reach that milestone so each birthday, no matter the #, really is a gift of God's faithful kindness.

      Thank-you for your wise thoughts.


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